Beautiful and smart homes never really exist. Rather, they are created with a lot of hard work, patience and of course love and dedication!

At PacificAV, we use the above mantra to design intuitive, intelligent and fully automated Smart Homes for our clients! We know how precious your abode is for you and we’re fully aware of your needs for resorting to smart home solutions to keep it safe and secure under all circumstances. That’s exactly why we use the latest and advanced home automation technologies and control systems to develop enticing homes for homeowners across the nation.

The Beauty of Smart Homes

Our Smart home solutions enable homeowners to design beautiful abodes and make significant improvements in their lifestyle. Your home isn’t just a place where you reside. It’s a space where you seek comfort, peace and relaxation. With Smart home solutions, you can achieve all of the above and much more! In fact Smart Home solutions allow you to simplify your life by incorporating the latest home automation technologies and advanced surrounding and control systems.

  • Smart home solutions allow you to manage your electrical and electronic systems via touch-screens.
  • Homeowners are able to preserve and save energy by installing intelligent lighting systems and features.
  • Manage and safeguard their homes through remote control as well as IP solutions.
  • Enjoy high-quality, high-definition and digital entertainment using media server in almost any areas within their homes.
  • Create intelligent lighting systems that turn off on their own, especially when you forget to.
  • Save energy and enjoy multi-room entertainment.
  • Create comfortable and relaxed environments with the help off HVAC controls and systems. Install IP cameras for enjoying high-level home security & surveillance.

Why Us?

As the leading provider of Smart Home products, tools, technologies and solutions, PacificAV focuses on renovating and redesigning homes and digitally empowering them by creating effective control as well as automated systems. Our smart home specialists work on different aspects and features of your homes including lighting, entertainment, networking and security to design impressive and intelligent homes for all kinds of homeowners.

  • We work with homeowners to build intelligent, advanced and innovative homes.
  • We use advanced automation, control systems and technologies to create multi-room video and audio facilities.
  • Our aim is to provide you with energy-efficient and advanced surveillance systems.
  • We emphasize on improving your home systems and environment by offering adequate smart home solutions.
  • We are committed towards offering 100% client satisfaction and support.
  • Our products, tools and technologies are of the highest quality, standard and make.

We’re here to help our clients by offering them with adequate support and advanced home automated solutions! Our smart home solutions are apt for homeowners who want to re-introduce magic, entertainment, fun and comfort into their lives!

We’ll help you transform your simple homes into digitally advanced and dream abodes! Contact us to learn more about our services and offerings! Click here to speak to us and get your free smart home quote today!

We Help you to build up a Smart Home the same as u dreamed.

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