Audio visual technology plays an significant role in the control and monitoring of Network Operation Centres (NOCs) where identifying and resolving problems quickly is critical. Pacific AV NOCs help operational teams monitor as well as control its IT networks. The process flows to increase the speed of identify and resolve the problems. These amenities would have access to mission critical network monitoring data and enable teams in effective problem identification, decision making and speedy resolution. NOC’s also serve as an important exhibit for visiting business partners/stakeholders.

  • View live data feeds on a big multi-screen display and switch or combine screens to examine the data closely when needed
  • Operate on a 24×7 basis to manage networks, broadcasts, processes or safety operations
  • Discussion with the outside world for problem resolution and to share related data in these situations
  • Manage the room environment (lighting etc) and AV tools easily and flawlessly
  • Big-multi-screen display with multi-windowing ability allows immediate display of video, PC, documents, Cable TV inputs
  • Skill to conference with the outside world (video and audio) in High Definition
  • Video recording and streaming audio, PC presentations over IP networks
  • User-friendly touch panel control interface allows one-touch control of AV equipment, dialing, lighting etc
  • Fixed lighting system to control lighting levels in the room
  • Connectivity receptacles for PC and video connectivity

Network Operation Centres is the place where identifying and resolving problems quickly is critical.

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