Need to improve your interaction, communication and productivity? Get an interactive whiteboard today! PacificAV provides the best in class and quality interactive whiteboards for business! No matter what size or nature of business you run and operate, interactive whiteboards are a must-have product for your organization.

With PacificAV’s innovative and advanced Interaction Whiteboard Solutions, you can create the perfect environment for interaction within your boardrooms!

Why Interactive Whiteboards?

Gone are the days when businesses relied on chalkboards or dry-erase boards to train or make their presentations before their executives. With interactive whiteboards things have changed drastically for organizations that need to frequently interact, train and collaborate with their executives and clients. Whiteboards enable business managers and leaders to control their entire applications directly via the touch-sensitive displays and create notes using digital ink. All these presentations and work can be saved and shared for future reference.

Managers and corporate trainers can display PC images onto the whiteboard with the help of a projector, thereby explaining their points and ideas much more effectively. In fact, they can also drag images onto the screen as well as copy all the notes and save it as text for future clarifications and references.

With so much to offer, interactive whiteboards are definitely a great addition to your boardrooms and meeting rooms!

Why PacificAV?

PacificAV is the leading provider of AV solutions for businesses! As a digitally advanced organization, we focus on creating endless possibilities and opportunities for organizations that stress on effective communication and increased productivity. Our interactive whiteboards are ideal for boardroom environments and offer plenty of options to businesses.

Here’s how we are different:

  • Our interactive whiteboards allow you to share all your notes with a number of people at the same time.
  • Display a number of images as and when you desire.
  • Easy to install and set-up.
  • Enable you to transform your boardrooms into training and educational rooms.
  • Cost-effective solution for businesses that wish to achieve more with less.
  • Allows trainers and mangers to add annotations, highlight texts, add drawings and notes for effective presentations and interactions.
  • Display pictures and informative videos to your executives by labeling parts and highlighting elements.
  • Motivate and steer your executives in the right direction by encouraging them to learn as well as display active participation.

The PacificAV’s interactive whiteboards are highly effective for promoting group interactions as well as participation. Right from brainstorming ideas within your boardrooms to taking heed of the notes made during trainings and presentations, our interactive whiteboards for business focus on collaborative training and learning.

Our interactive whiteboard solutions allow managers and leaders to share and send their messages appropriately and thereby improve overall productivity. When your executives and workforce has a clear idea around your products, services and offerings, they are able to execute sales in a better and desired manner and further aid their organization in fulfilling their sales goals and targets.

Designed for any classroom environment to offer more choices for you.

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