Interactive training technology is transforming the learning process in classrooms as well as corporate training rooms. PacificAV Interactive Training Rooms help institutions and faculty leverage this technology to meet growing expectations of student and trainee. These training rooms can help both specialized learning institutions as well as corporates by providing training which needs to significantly raise the effectiveness of their training programmers and initiatives.

  • The digital content can improve the learning experience
  • Go beyond changing student expectations
  • By distance education ROI can be increased quickly
  • Use relevant tools that are simple for faculty
  • Big screen display of PC and documents
  • Capability to conference with distant presenters and class rooms in High Definition (HD)
  • Voting system with real time poll results
  • Video conferencing Solution available
  • Touch panel allows one touch control of AV equipment, dialing, lighting
  • Preset lighting system to suit the changing functions of the class room
  • Whiteboarding allows you to capture whiteboard contents to your PC for sharing, printing and Annotation
  • Recording and streaming audio, video and PC presentations available on IP network
  • Auditory system ensures that speech and audio are equally audible in all parts of the room
  • Multiple HD camera’s covers the presenter & students by voice tracking
  • Real time PC, Whiteboard and Document collaboration with remote presenters and class rooms
  • Studio quality lighting ensures that lighting is equally distributed over all participants
  • Interactive Lectern for presenter
  • Connectivity Receptacles for PC and video connectivity

We give you productive space wherever and whenever you need it through our service.

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