Interactive Slate are floor-positioned interactive displays that feature activities designed to encourage learning and communicating amongst a group of pupils. They’re scratch and spill-proof; feature HD display surfaces and offer a wide range of interactive learning content. Benefit from interactive tables in your learning spaces by:

  • Supporting whole-class and one-to-one teaching methods with interactive tables that focus on input from multiple pupils on one display surface
  • Encouraging group participation and collaboration to complete learning activities specific to primary school pupils’ curriculum objectives
  • Making problem-solving a team-based, communication-dependent activity so pupils learn how to work together and achieve key learning outcomes

Interactive Slate are also ideal for special education needs (SEN) pupils who are challenged by traditional methods of teaching or other AV solutions. Use interactive slate that feature activities for SEN pupils with visual impediments or limited motor abilities. Teachers and / or SEN pupils can learn together in a pressure-free and self-paced environment.

Have the freedom to move anywhere in the classroom, without losing access to your interactive display. We offer wireless interactive slate solutions to open up new possibilities for learning:

  • Move around, or to the back of, the classroom to encourage students participation and help bring the lesson to life
  • Get a student to complete tasks, from his or her desk, whilst the whole class sees the results on a larger display
  • Make your lessons more dynamic by having one student use the interactive whiteboard, with you or amongst other pupils, helping them through the learning activity

Interactive slates typically feature long-lasting battery life; connect to other devices such as projectors and allow you to write naturally with high precision digital pens.


You can do a lot with the interactive slates that you would not be able to do with the wireless slates.

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