Fox 3D, Pacific AV’s cutting-edge ultra-high brightness silver screen optimized for Digital 3D Cinemas, enhances the movie viewing experience and brings imagination to life.

Manufactured with silver aluminum flake based coating, Fox 3D uses a special formulation that eliminates hot spotting even in 2D projection conditions. With a protective layer that improves life of the screen and keeps light levels higher for longer, the screens enable superb 3D effect with absolutely no ghosting effect.

Fox 3D gives excellent performance with “passive” 3D applications using polarized light such as RealD, Technicolor etc. With advanced seam welding process, the screens come with a smooth surface offering seamless viewing. Perforations are available in both Standard and Micro-Perf forms.

Pacific AV’s Fox 3D screens have gained wide acceptance in the industry since the successful screening of 3D movies such as Avatar.


  • Excellent colour and contrast levels
  • Strong signal-to-noise ratio
  • High gain characteristics
  • Generous viewing angles
  • HFR technology ready

Want to Setup Fox 3D at your place? Experinece change in your environment into real 3D effect.

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