AV- integration cables of Logic has a complete package, ensuring high-performance. Logic offers most reliable brands in electronic products and cables in India.

VGA Cable

VGA Cable

A VGA cable is a lead used for transmitting video signals. It is most commonly used to link computers with monitors. However, it is now used on some high definition televisions.

Note: VGA 5 Core Shielded Cable- 7/38 ATC Nylon Insulated with 1.60mm lapping with ATC Copper wire,Inner sheath of every core with Nylon, overall shielded with Al. Mylar Tape & PVC Sheathed.


HDMI Cable

The Logic HDMI Ultra Series cables are designed to transmit high-speed digital video and audio signals. The HDMI Ultra Series is engineered with Logic-exclusive ultra-flexible, 30 AWG cable and features a low bend radius and compact, gold-plated connectors.


RCA Cables

The Logic Speaker Cable is high performance cable designed for connecting speakers to amplifiers in a wide variety of applications. Logic cable offers a higher conductor strand count than comparable cables in its class, providing more flexibility and ease of installation.


Audio Cable

Note: 7/0.26mm ATC 2 Core LDPE Insulated, Al. Tape Shielded with Drain wire Overall PVC Sheathed OD-4.25mm (As per our Drawing)


Stereo Speaker Cable

The Mini Audio Cables are ideal for direct connection of audio from a laptop or computer to any of the audio products with Stereo 3.5 mm connection.

Note: 2 Core 70/0.16mm Final Dia-(3.70 x 6.20mm) (As Per our Drawing)