Do you have a board room where discussion and conversations are partially audible and completely boring? If yes, then it’s about time you opted for high-quality and advanced boardroom audio visual solutions designed by PacificAV!

As the leading provider of digital and AV solutions for corporate houses and organizations, we understand that your business needs fresh ideas and proper exchange of information. This, however, is possible only when you have effective communication systems, tools and devices installed within your board rooms or conference rooms. And that’s exactly where we come into picture!

We provide high-performance boardroom AV solutions to organizations of all scales and sizes! We have the best in class audio/video equipment’s, interactive whiteboard solutions, lighting systems, document visualizers, projectors and more in store just for you!

Why Boardroom AV Solutions?

We’d rather say why not? Your boardroom serves as the key meeting and interaction area wherein everyone including the CEOs, CIOs, shareholders, managers and other prominent people within your organization sit, discuss and hold lengthy conversations as well as discussions. A board room or conference room also serves as the ideal place for client meetings and interactions as well as conference calls. To sum up, a lot happens inside the boardroom and if you fail to create the perfect meeting and communication environments then chances are you’ll make half-hearted attempts towards your overall sales and business.

  • Aside to effective communication, digitally equipped board-roomsminimize your travel expenses.
  • With advanced video conferencing solutions and tools in place, connecting with your branch offices and executives across the country or globe is simple and convenient.
  • Corporate board room tools and equipments enable you to save time and interact with key people across multiple locations.
Why Us?

PacificAV boardroom tools, equipments and solutions provide businesses with the right amount of support and framework for conducting business efficiently and smoothly. We have the expertise and products required for building a solid audio-video set up within your board rooms.

Below are a couple of other reasons to choose us:

  • We go above and beyond your needs to design a digitally advanced boardroom for your organization.
  • Our collaborative tools and technology enable businesses in streamlining your meetings, processes and interactions.
  • Our boardroom AV solution experts provide appropriate and accurate advice and suggestions for building technologically advanced board rooms.
  • We have the finest digital communication tools and technologies that allow you to make presentations through videos, audios and personal computers.
  • Our AV tools allow you to record the proceedings and details of your meetings over Internet Protocol networks
  • Enjoy multi-window display and high-definition interactions with our efficient boardroom audio visual solutions.
  • Excellent lighting systems to complement your boardroom’s aesthetics and functionality.
  • Our superior quality products and boardroom AV solutionsprovide real time whiteboard, document and PC collaborations with your partners, clients and associates across the globe.

At PacificAV, we focus on offering simple yet productive audio video solutions for effective communication, meetings and interactions. So go ahead and enjoy active participation even as you give your presentations through PCs and projectors!

We offer a calm place to get some work done for meeting participants when you’re on a layover.

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