Learning had earlier been limited to books and reading materials. But with the evolving technology the concept of learning and imparting education has also changed to a great extent. These days the online medium is taking over the offline medium of teaching. Classroom teaching is becoming ultra modern and simpler to help develop long lasting memory skills amongst the students.

The fresh approach of learning

Various new kinds of multimedia along with engaging content are being implemented to make the learning process more of an interactive session for both the teachers and learners. Therefore, to ensure the contemporary age classrooms are interactive enough, certain ways of designing such as the av solutions could be put into practice.

Five tips for interactive classroom design and solutions are as follows:

1. A user-friendly interface

By access I mean, an interactive session where the faculty could quickly get their hi-tech systems connected so that there is no wastage of time and effort. With the help of just a click, the lecturer could get all geared up for the presentation. A user friendly interface can always focus on productivity and swiftness in interacting with the students instead of a slow interface that can consume most of our time.

2. A well-synchronized response System

For conducting an interactive learning session a well-synchronized response system is the vital requirement. The use of up-to-date hardware or software system that uses infrared and radio frequency should be fixed in the classroom. Tables comprising of microphones help in rapid questioning and answering sessions taking place between the student and the lecturer.

3. A quality sound system

Just like the students can raise their doubts easily with the help of microphones, the lecturer should be able to revert back immediately if the sound capturing system contains quality microphones, DSP processors and speakers. The value lapel that the lecturer wears is what defines his clear value of speech.

4. Well placed ceiling speakers

To make sure the audio travels in every corner of the room, the wide-angled ceiling speaker should be able to give out sound uniformly in the room. As such the perfect placement and positioning of the ceiling speakers must be taken care of.

5. Audio-visual medium

The interactivity will keep soaking in the students, when the audio-video solutions are going to impart its excellence with the help of a projector and a screen board. The ideal aspect ratio would be the 16:10 ratio that is going to rationalize the process of learning.

The appealing factor of an interactive classroom is the one that incorporates tools and necessary solutions to let the creativity and interactivity flowing between both the student and teacher. It is the duty of the teacher to ensure the interaction goes on perfectly and similarly the student is supposed to take charge of the responsibility to make sure they fulfill the responsibility flawlessly. If the coordination is well maintained between both the teacher and the student then fitting in digital classroom solutions in current era, is going to be a hit.

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