Conference and boardrooms should be equipped with the best state-of-the-art audio-visual technology which allows seamless and smooth flow of meetings and conferences. It is important to understand the needs and requirements of clients and provide the best of modern technology and audio visual solutions. Plan for company’s audio-visual needs proactively and decide whether you want

  • Conference and board room requirements
  • Interactive training rooms making each session more fruitful and beneficial
  • Executive briefing centres where knowledge needs a perfect channel
  • Auditoriums to keep up the entertainment quotient high
  • Business centres, so that there is scope for interaction.

One has to understand that corporate boardrooms are not just about building the right image for the organization. It has become much more than that. With Boardroom Audio Visual Solutions designed for different purposes; now every boardroom discussion or meeting is transformed into a better environment. Now even when you are not in the location, you can connect with the rest of the participants remotely. This flexibility is a much-needed attribute for smooth client interactions. With different AV Solutions India, one has excellent audio-video clarity in presentations and training sessions. The digital classroom displays compelling videos, messages and animations which help the trainees and audience to absorb the information. Digital content has transformed the face of entertainment. It is not possible to have a movie-like experience at home. Things like an integrated control face, air-conditioning and lighting help the users to get a feel of a theatre.

The products these days are available in different formats:

  • Matte white screen. The matte white diffusing surface allows dispersion of broad light and greater spectrum infirmity. The wide viewing angles are easy on the eyes and the excellent colour reproductions offers better clarity.
  • Foxlite is ideal as front projection screen for HFR and digital technology. There is no colour correction needed on this screen. And the surface can be optimized for digital 2D and active 3D applications.
  • Fox 3D, the bright silver screen enhances the movie experience. The technology is designed in such a manner that the screens enable bright 3D effect with no ghosting. The colour and contrast levels are absolutely excellent, and the smooth surface offers effortless viewing.

The combination of information technology infrastructure and presentation capabilities become the deciding factor for choosing any type of av solutions India. When it comes to videoconferencing and teleconferencing, you expect only the best because every modern boardroom should have easy-to-use and clear system that supports HD videoconferencing systems. Good audio video solutions are a must for Network Operation Centres where identifying and resolving critical problems within a short span of time is a must. The NOCs helps every operational team to monitor and also control IT networks. Whether it is the information technology infrastructure or high quality display systems, or the lighting; everything needs to be in place for the audio-visual system to work without a hitch.

Think about your needs, understand your technological requirements and select an audio-visual professional who can help you.

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